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Couture Cake Bio & Our Favorite Links

From time to time at Couture Cake we're asked recommendations for businesses.  Assembled here are some of our favorites along with a little information about Couture Cake.


About Couture Cake
A hobby gone absolutely wild is how Couture Cake got its start.  Averaging 4-6 unpaid cakes per month for various events, the idea for opening up Couture Cake came out of necessity to pay the banker and be able to take cakes into venues without worry or fear of the state stepping in because of not having a license.  Through saving and investing into equipment slowly for a period of two years, the time finally came to go through the inspection process. 

Couture Cake opened July, 2006 in Denmark Township, Minnesota.  The "By Appointment Only" made to order bakery was operational from mid-April through late October.  Our emphasis was on personalized service in that you meet directly with your baker/decorator and we bake each and every cake for your event taking the time to pay attention to the details.  Though we do have a portfolio of cakes that we have done, we do not have a book with cake "cookie cutter" choices that you have to choose from.  I believe that each cake should be designed for the person(s) and event it is being created for.  By using Couture Cake, customers were hiring a baker who is going to put time into the small details of your cake and event.  Each cake got an incredible amount of attention when compared with some bakeries whose main objective is to get 30 wedding cakes out the door by 3.  At Couture Cake, I would limit the cakes created in a week to the amount of work realistically required to complete the job.  Couture Cake closed up shop on October 30, 2007 after the space rental was abruptly ended with less than two days notice to completely remove all equipment and supplies from the building's facilities.  Since closing up shop we're slowly but surely investing into kitchen equipment for building a licensable kitchen in the future though a final date has not yet been determined. 

About The Baker
Growing up on a third generation family farm, Monica has been involved in the food industry at the production level from a very early age.  She has been baking and decorating cakes for over 20 years though only recently made the move to do so on a professional basis.  Growing up on the family farm she was involved with 4-H, FFA, sheep production and honey production.  She learned lessons about food safety and handling from the start of the food production process all the way through retail sale. 

After leaving the farm to attend college (originally she was going to be an Ag. Teacher), Monica earned a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in Psychology and Marketing Communications, holds numerous certifications outside of the food industry, and is a licensed food manager.  Monica has been recognized in several areas of work having had research and work in the area of nonverbal communication and stress management published.  After being married in 2003, she remembers the experience of being a bride that had everything and then some go less than expected in the time leading up to their wedding so is able to empathize with the stresses brides experience. 

Favorite Links
Couture Cake makes no guarantees about the services or products offered by businesses or individuals listed here.  These links are provided for informational purposes only

Specialty Event Entertainment (Corporate, School, Community, Festivals, Colleges, etc.)
Wand Enterprises

Wedding Planning
Events on a Shoestring 

Flowers and Decorating
Flair Your Affair! -- Glenda is an amazing details person and one who you want to take the stress of decorating

Wedding Woes
The First Dance -- From things like "Blood talks to Blood" and beyond.  Their course is amazingly helpful for dealing with the personalities surrounding the wedding. 

Ceremony Sites & Reception Halls

Historic St. Bonafice Church & Little Log House Pioneer Village

Cake Ideas and Inspiration
(to assist with getting design ideas started) -- search any criteria you can imagine for cake designs and themes

Charm City Cakes -- DUFF!  Nuff said!  This site is just AWESOME for ideas

American Cake Decorating and Mailbox News -- Published by Grace McNamera, Inc. these publications showcase tons of ideas and tips to help the cake decorator.

International Cake Exploration Societe' -- An international organization dedicated to helping decorators develop skills and ideas to make their work better and easier.  If you're a cake decorator of any level, this is the organization for you.

Minnesota Bakers to check out while we're away...

Jessica's Cakes - If she's good enough to do my birthday cake, she's good enough to do your wedding cake!  Yes, I hired Jessica to make my Birthday cake because for once I didn't want to do it myself!  She did a GREAT job and most of all, I didn't have to do the dishes!

Fantasies In Frosting - Moorehead, MN

Cakes by Peg - Rochester, MN