Imagine a cake designed just for you!
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Here is just a sampling of the cake and confections we offer.  Call to set up your complimentary consultation to design your cake. 


The most important detail about your cake is likely how mouth watering good it is to eat.  When asked whether or not I work from a scratch or mix, the answer is both because people's preferences for flavor and texture are different.  Both options have their place but taste is the most important.  Here are just some of the mouth watering flavor options that Couture Cake offers.  We'll even use your Grandma's recipe* if you like! 

Cake Flavors
Basic White, Yellow, Chocolate and Marble
White Almond Cream
Chocolate Almond Cream
Black Midnight
Lemon Cream
Double Chocolate Marble
Red Velvet Cake
Chipotle Chocolate
Blueberries & Cream (contains fresh blueberries)
Raspberries & Cream (contains fresh raspberries)
Creamy Dreamy Orange

Combination cake/frosting/filling cakes
Neopolitan (strawberry, white, chocolate)
Triple-Chocolate Creme de Menthe
Triple-Chocolate Raspberry
Triple-Chocolate Coconut
Other Options
Marshmallow Crispy Rice Cereal "cake"
Specialty requests*
Individual Cakes
Table Cakes
Cupcake Towers
Dessert Buffets
"Build Your Own Dessert" tables
Cream Puffs
"Amanda's Kringle" - a secret recipe given just hours before her passing, this recipe is a "back home" ethnic recipe available with a multitude of fillings including almond, prune, raspberry, pecan, or poppyseed.

Accomodating Special Dietary Needs
Vegan Cake
Sugar-Substitute Cake
Honey Cake
Eggless Cake 

Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies
Frosted Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Sour Cream Cookies
Chocolate Sour Cream Cookies
Individual Cakes

* must meet food safety and handling guidelines including no nuts (imitation extracts are available though).