Designing Your Cake to Order One Layer at a Time
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The icing on the cake!  Taking  a boring piece of solid cake and turn it into something extraordinary! 

Every cake starts out as an idea.  Without the idea, the cake would be ordinary.  At Couture Cake we pride ourselves on taking even the most simple detail and incorporating it into the final design.  This link is to help prepare you for the event consultation and really build some ideas for what is important to you in your cake and its design.   Not only during our consultations do we design a cake, we also take the design back to the office and computerize the hand-drawing using specialized cake designing software to give you a better idea of what your cake will look like in the real world.  Most designs can be computerized however some highly detailed dress design matches are more advanced than the computer program allows for at this time.

Cake Style
Though "Over the Top" and "Wow!" designs are what get us noticed, it's what's on the inside of our cakes that counts the most.  The cake can look like a million bucks, but if the taste isn't that way, a business won't survive.  This is why we offer so many different options because each person has their own idea of the "ideal" cake or dessert.
Are you a white on white cake person?
Are you a chocoholic?
What season is your event taking place?
What was the flavor of the best cake you've ever had?
What is your favorite type of frosting?

The Look
Just because your event is taking place in a park or back yard BBQ doesn't mean that you can't have a gorgeous cake style.  Or, if your event is in a well known location that you still have a light-hearted design.  We highly suggest going to several websites and looking at cake pictures for inspiration.  Bring print-outs of 4-6 of your favorite cakes, otherwise we can completely design your cake from scratch without the aid of pictures.
Do you have a look that you're going for?
Is there a theme the event is centering around?
Do you want to incorporate color into your cake?
Do you want it sleek, stacked, pillared, off-set, ???
Round, square, hexagon, octagon, rectangle, combination?
Table Cake, Dessert Buffet, Build your own Dessert tables, Simple Cake, Elaborate Cake, Combination.

The Details!
The single most important detail of designing a cake is how many it needs to serve followed closely by the budget. 
How many guests are you anticipating to attend your event?
Are you also going to need food favors for your guests?
What is your guesstimated budget?
Do you want a more elaborate "picture cake" or a cake that serves everyone in view?
What are your colors?
What is your formality level?
Is the cake to be served in an Air Conditioned Building or near direct sunlight?

Bring With You
1) Your fiance, kids, and/or event coordinator
2) Color Swatches (paint swatches from the hardware store work the best!)
3) Invitation
4) Theme
5) Pictures of details (THE dress, bridesmaid dress, centerpieces, ceremony site, original cake, etc.)
6) For groom's cakes, bring photos of the object you want made.
7) Approximate Guest Count
8) Event Date, Location, and Contact people (caterer, florist, reception site)
9) Deposit
10) For those doing a tasting: An appetite!